The Art Of Panning

Hm….panning? what is the meaning of panning… Well, this is just another new trick that i wanna do for my next assigment.

Never done this before. So lets go through the entire article to know better the art of panning. First of all, panning means “the horizontal movement of a camera as it scans  a moving subject”.

Let me go through in some more details.

When you pan you’re moving your camera in synchronicity with your subject as it move parallel to you. When we pan, we must follow the subject movement and match it’s speed and direction as perfectly as possible.

What is the purpose of panning. Well, it is to create the feeling of the motion and speed without blurring out your object. Erm..still blur?? then wait for my next assigment.. i’ll try to do some panning art… just wait and see for my result.
By the way, here are things  that need to be done to make the art of panning.

First, you must used a slow shutter speed. I dont know yet how slow it should be, well it also depends on how fast your subject movement will be. So i’ll do the experiment and you guys just wait for the results..:p…

Second, as i said earlier, move your camera in parallel with your subject. Hm..sounds like an easy task huh…well, i myself dunno how hard it will gonna be.

Hm….tomorrow iam taking a leave for my friend wedding. Perhaps I can complete this assignment tomorrow. I hope so. Just wait for my next post. =).


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