Date:13 March, Venue is at Taman Belia Pulau Pinang. A very nice and beautiful place, to rest your mind with. How can I only know this place after almost 10 years of my life in Penang??

There are so many activities can be done there. Not for me to list it all here, but if you wanna know about this place more, please ask Dr Google…:p…  Down here is the picture of  teenagers doing some breakdancing, or shuffling?? i am not sure myself… But i think it was more to breakdancing. Very cool and energetic.  For more information about breakdance, pls go HERE


VENUE: Taman Belia Pulau Pinang. Date: 13 March


In the middle: Headstance, The others: Freeze/Pike


This one I’am not sure either a headstance or not. But it is quite similar to headstance. I think so….



What a nice skills that you have guys. I am really impressed. You guys really have an attitude there. Stylo lah..haha… Well, this is a very good hobby for your health, and also better from wasting your time on video games, loafing around at shopping complex, etc etc.. well there are too much of bad activities nowadays for me to mention it here.  So for the kids out there, try to find one hobby, and master it. Dont be a useless junkie or addict. Bak Kate Mawi “”Belia benci DADAH”….hukhuk…

*Dont try this at home, dangerous for your pinggang and tengkuk…:p.. for those who wanna give it a try, make sure you drink a lot and lot  and lot of milk. (rase mcm nak terpatah pinggang aku tngk diorang beraksi…huhuhu)

4 thoughts on “Breakdance…

  1. eh..ur pics are beautiful la..i never said xcntik tau huhu..juz dat i believe dat u can improve much much more..chayo chayo!

  2. LOL…… need to say it here…it’s just a talk between brother n sister…i was just joking u know…..hahahaha….im ok both way…….beautiful or not beautiful, ofc there’ll be always room for improvement……=)..and thanx for being supportive….hehe….

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