“Orang yg berubah kerana terpaksa adalah mangsa”… dont wait until you get sick……STOP NOW……

People are tired of being lectured about the dangerous of being a smoker… so know I chose to tell about the benefit of quitting….

1. As soon as you stop within 20 minutes your blood pressure, pulse rate and body temperature return back to normal.

2. The carbon monoxide in your blood returns back to normal after 8 hours and your smokers breath begins to go.

3. After only 3 days your chances of having a heart attack reduces and your nerve endings start to grow back increasing your taste and smell senses.

4. Your circulation increases after 3 months and your lungs become cleaner resulting in an increase in energy.

5. After giving up for a year your chances of having a heart attack have been halved and the risk of cancer is now a lot lower.

6. After ten years the risk of heart attack or a stroke is the same as someone that has neve smoked.

*me?? it has been 4 years already…. I’m glad that I have get rid of it….. tips?? let me think……hm…

1. you must first have a strong desire to quit… where to get it?? find it yourself, find your source of inspiration, or reasons or anythings that will drive you to have it…….

2. I dont stop gradually, but I stop right away when I make the decision to stop…One day I smoke +/- 20 cigarettes a day, and the next day I just stop. I’ve tried stopping gradually before, but it never works ( well, that is  for me but I dont know what is the best way for you…)

3. I dont tell people that I wanna quit smoking… that is better I think because in my previous attempt to quit, I’ll tell friends around me and most of them will laugh at me… (because I can be categorized as a heavy smoker, and they would never believe that I can succed). It will demoralize you to have someone close or around you dont believe in you… But if you have friends that wont do the same to you, maybe it’s ok to tell them. That was just in my case….

4. Just keep having the no 1. Because the nicotine effect will become stronger after 2 or 3 days without a cigarrete, the fondness to have your first cigarette will become stronger. And the feelings will only dissapear after a while ( I can’t remember how long the duration was)

5. Hm…. when the nicotine effect have vanish, there are one thing you must beware, the desire to smoke..even after 2 months after I stop, sometimes I still feels like I wanna smoke, not because of the nicotine, but sometime I will feels empty. You can imagine, after eating, every morning, everytime I manage to solve a hard math question, everytime I having a chat with my friends, while taking a break from a boring lecture and many many more things that usually I used to smoke, now I can do nothing… This is when I will feels empty. But I can get rid of this feelings, by having remembering the NO 1 all the times. The desire to stop is much much stonger within me than all of this feelings.

So, the point is, nobody can force you to stop. Only you can force yourself to get rid of this bad habit….

*this is not a professional tips, it was just my experienced. I might be totally wrong about it, so do get a proper guideline or tips to quit smoking….

14 thoughts on “quit…….

  1. eyh2..ni pcik din ke??
    asal muke die da laen huh???
    hampir2 den x konal…

  2. @k.cik: appa daaa……..pakcik pun tak kenal ke…haha… my reasons to stop?? haha..I just wanna have a healthy life…and one more thing I forgot to mention, “Only The Tough Get Through”…wakaka…

  3. haha..tak pasan ke?? ape yg lain nye…same je mukenye…huhu….
    ooo…model tak berbayar bole jek…sesape pun bole…kui3

  4. bukan la…hehe..pakcik din tu….pakcik aku…haha..tu sume adik beradik aku tuh yg panggil pakcik din…aku ni mesti la org panggil abg din…wakaka….:p..

  5. ntah la..ayh kate ari jmaat msk duet..
    tp..ayh ckp..if da msk..ayh btaw..
    xsaba nk tgu ari jumaat..
    abg wat la smyg hajat.
    bg kitorg bole blik..
    bole la abg amik pic kitorg y comey2 nie….
    weeee~ =P

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