only once…..

At five minutes and six seconds after 4am on the 7th August this year, the time and date will be 04:05:06 07/08/09.  And this will happen only once…

Time that passed, will never be found again. The trouble with our “times” is that the “future” is not what it used to be. 



7 thoughts on “only once…..

  1. you should capture the moment and publish it here. 6 more days to go! (i have a big event to manage on that day. hope that i wont forget to take one pic when the clock strikes “456789” for my personal collection =p).

  2. lama sungguh x menjenguk kt sini…bz yg teramat…hahaha…qado balik masa mengulor dulu
    superb bro…selambe x ajak menembak sama…kat mana weh?

  3. @salfiza: huhu..i wish i could, but I am working on that particular i dont think i can capture anything special…huhu..

    @nox: huhu..aku pun tak tngkap kot..kerja kerja kerja…

    @xero7: ape yg bermadahnye Datuk?? is a fact…i was just telling a Fact..haha

    @adi: tu la pasal..skang tngk ang busy gile..huhu..takde superb pun..tu aku amik dari dlm kete tu..haha…kat highway kat seremban tak silap aku..

  4. alamak…aku pun main hentam jek…..ang pun dah cekap dah skang kamp….siap amik sunset bersama model2 berhidung mancung lagi…kui3..nti aku gi sane bole la kite outing tngkap2 gmba..(jgn lupe bwk model2 tu skali yek….hahaha..)

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