Yes…this is my 100th entry. Quite impressive as I never think that I will achieve this so soon because as you all can see, I am bad at writing and never tell a good stories, about me or about anything. All that I know is to take picture, and try to express my feelings through it.

I will never done this blogging thing if it wasn’t for my photography. I never thought that this hobby will cost me this much, yeah it is a damn expensive hobby. Maybe some people will call me crazy if they know how much I’ve spent on this. But to tell the truth, I never ever regret what I’ve done and besides, I am glad to be a photographer. I know my skills are still far from perfection, and I never know when I can even be considered as a “good” photograper. The thing is, I hope that my passion won’t go away.

Thanks to all that have put their confidence on me, to hire to capture their “big moment”. There are still lot and lot of things that I have to learn. Here I just want to say thanks to all that have been so supportive. I really really appreciated it.

~the man behind the shutter~

*tetibe je terase nak menulis, huhu…please just ignore my grammar, not got in writing…:p…

9 thoughts on “#100

  1. ADAM: time kaceh kak Fiza ngan Kak Diana….:p….nti raye jgn lupe bg Adam duit raye yek….hehehe

  2. Adam: ala…biase la budak2 zaman sekarang ni Kak Fiza, menaip?? senang jek…:p…

    @K.Kojie: owh…mmg la, Abg Atim mmg tak pandai menulis…kui3…alamak..time kasih…cute ke??kui3…

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