Sunset 1- Pantai Puteri, Melaka

Pantai Puteri Melaka, 15 Mac 2010: Just my luck this day. I was waiting for the ambient to be darker so that I can set my shutter longer (I’m using 3 stop ND filter this time). My intention was to get a smooth water and a moving sky. I set my camera to Manual mode, apperture to 22 and shutter to 10 seconds. As I was waiting suddenly there comes a man riding his horse. Swiftly, I change my camera setting to AV and just click my camera. The only setting that I manage to change is the EC, I drop it one stop. Luckily I manage to take this scene although it would have been better if I realized it earlier. At the end of the day, this picture turns to be the picture that I like the most that day… =)

sunrise 1- Penang Brigde

This is not my first sunrise shot. The only reason that I put “sunrise 1” for the title because this was my first sunrise shot in 2010. I really missed my photography activity, always busy with other things. Sorry for not posting anything in my blog as much as I was before. I will try to keep this blog alive, as lively as it used to be..