sunrise 1- Penang Brigde

This is not my first sunrise shot. The only reason that I put “sunrise 1” for the title because this was my first sunrise shot in 2010. I really missed my photography activity, always busy with other things. Sorry for not posting anything in my blog as much as I was before. I will try to keep this blog alive, as lively as it used to be..



9 thoughts on “sunrise 1- Penang Brigde

  1. @kseverny: thanks…this was taken using my 10-22mm at 10mm… my precious landscape lens…=)

  2. @Dyra: terkenang pegi ke Bukit Bendera bersama tunang kah? the way album dah tinggal kat umah Makwa…nti blk silalah tngk yek…

    @feryfarah: thanks…

  3. chey. terkenang shoppin + makan seafood xsdar diri pada pkul 1 pagi lah. hahahaha~
    bdw, cant wait to see d album. xsabaaarrrrrrr…. *sigh*

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