Sunset 1- Pantai Puteri, Melaka

Pantai Puteri Melaka, 15 Mac 2010: Just my luck this day. I was waiting for the ambient to be darker so that I can set my shutter longer (I’m using 3 stop ND filter this time). My intention was to get a smooth water and a moving sky. I set my camera to Manual mode, apperture to 22 and shutter to 10 seconds. As I was waiting suddenly there comes a man riding his horse. Swiftly, I change my camera setting to AV and just click my camera. The only setting that I manage to change is the EC, I drop it one stop. Luckily I manage to take this scene although it would have been better if I realized it earlier. At the end of the day, this picture turns to be the picture that I like the most that day… =)


12 thoughts on “Sunset 1- Pantai Puteri, Melaka

  1. erm….masking pastu pakai selective color…..erm..kalau tak silap aku la…dah lame ni gmba ni..hehe..

  2. erm..aku pun baru lagi beb..bnyk lagi nak blaja…owh….bole2…..hehe…erm…yeke..tu la..aku tngk page ko kosong lagi…bgs2…welcome to the club….=]

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