I try to write something about this pictures or to tell a story about it, but I am really suck at writing…. Never write for sometimes makes my head really stuck, and lack of idea…

I kinda jealous to see other people that are very good in writing, how their writing can influence people so much.

What I’ve learned so far, to be a good photographer you must have a very good eyes, but to make it more interesting when you share your pictures in your blog, you must have a very good writing skills….

I will start pushing myself to write more in all my new post instead just sharing the picture…. =p




SILENT….Yes that is the best way to describe my blog. It has been a while since my last post. Well, please don’t blame me, blame facebook instead…. =p..
I rarely open my blog anymore nowadays, and when I open it I feel guilty… I am thinking of sharing more picture here as I did in my FB, InsyaAllah……