The Journey Begin

MAS provided us with movies, documentaries and even sports channel. The only weird thing is, they don’t provide us any earphone, which make all those things useless unless you are ok to watch movie or clips without sound. Luckily for me I did bring my own earphone.

Arrived at Kota Kinabalu airport. It was my first flight experience, yes, my first after 29 years…=p

This is Pekan Nabalu, a few minutes away from our destination, the Kinabalu Park. Stop here for a while, take a few picture and continue heading to Kinabalu Park.

The locals at Pekan Nabalu.

Arrived at Kinabalu Park, very excited but also very tired as well.


I’m not sure what they are discussing about. =p

Balsam Buffet Restaurant. Having the dinner here, the food provided was very nice for me. I ate two full plate of food as I know tomorrow I will need a lot of energy….

One of our team member, Wal. There are one things that I have with him in common, we have the same lense, 24-70mm canon.

17th Dec 2011 morning, before the quest started. Waiting for our transport to take us to the Timpohon gate arrive. All the team members except than me.

To be continued……