Strained Ligament

Mount Kinabalu : Dec 2011

Just being discharged from Pantai Hospital on Saturday (23/4/12). Alhamdulillah the MRI scan shows that my knee only having minor strained ligament, but still need to rest for about 3-4 weeks.
I was a bit worried it is a torn ligament, to heard it from the Doctor that it is a strained ligament instead make me relief so much. So no more hiking, football, futsal and badminton for now.
Got medical leave (MC) for one weeks, hence I will make full use of it to rest and complete all my editing works. Just hoping that I can get back to normal soon, please pray for me ok? =)





One step at a time…..

one step at a time....

When there are too many things to get done, don’t panic…
Calm down and prioritize your target…
Get all the things done one by one…
Like stepping a stairs, one step at a time…
You’ll end up at the top, finally…
As long as you never stop…



Dhia II

~As time goes by, the memories will fade…~



Yob & Mis Dyaa.....

” One Love, One Heart, One Destiny…”
~Bob Marley~