Bukit Tabur…


The journey to the top of Bukit Tabur shouldn’t take you a long time to compete, but it was different in our case, we stop a lot, taking pictures and enjoy the scenery. I can’t remember what is the name of this lake, but I will probably will come here again to take sunrise picture at this lake.


I like the pattern so I convert it to black & white.


Kamp and his wife.



The view of the other Tabur. There are 2 Tabur, Tabur East and Tabur West, but I am not sure which one that we climb. (will update this later, Kamp should know this….=p)


This is another picture that I would like to repeat again, but next time should be during sunrise. Hopefully my leg can recover and start hiking again. It has been more than 1 months since I injured my knee.


This is International Islamic University Malaysia, or also known as Universiti Islam Antarabangsa in Malay. [ The place where I first met my fiancee… (= ]


All of us except me….




I already lost the original copy of this picture (my lappy got stolen), luckily I have uploaded it in my facebook…
This is a picture of KLCC taken from the peak of Bukit Tabur. I’ll upload some more picture of Bukit Tabur later in a new post… =)

I inserted one more picture of KLCC (desaturated version). At first I just put the first picture but then I realize that I like it in black & white more than the coloured version. After take a close look at both version for a while, I think the black & white version make my eyes focus on the KLCC building, while the coloured version distract my eyes from it. Do you feels the same like me?

Mencari Sebuah Damai





Nothing can make you feels better than going back to your own home town. I used to live here until 1999 when I moved to Shah Alam. Two days seems like not enough, it brings back a lot of my childhood memories. Just wish that I can spend a little bit more time here, but I can’t. Maybe not now but I’ll be back for sure, and that is a promise…. =)

~Kampung Sitiawan : 29 April 2012~