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Born in Perak, but currently staying and working in Penang. Finished my secondary schools at SMSTSSS also well known as SOKSEK. Graduated from UiTM Pulau Pinang (Diploma in Electrical & Electronic) . Have a very high interest in sports but currently have just started to put my passion into Photography (very glad that I did because I think that I’ve fallen in love with it).

Would really appreciate anyone who willing to share their photography knowlegde with me . So, feel free to put a comment and share your idea with me. For anything else besides than photography, you are also welcome here. Just put your comment here or you can also contact me directly via email/messenger/phone as below…

1. Phone: 017-3716299 (if I’am unreachable pls do text me, i’ll reply you swiftly later)

2. email & ym {xhkmx@yahoo.com}

3. facebook

Thanks a lot for viewing my page and please enjoy your visits here. =)


23 thoughts on “About Me

  1. owh….bereh2…….will be updated soon….dont worry..i’ll trigger you once done…:p

  2. Salam, I enjoyed reading through your different blog entries. I think you are very talented. I will keep my fingers crosed for the postcard contest; you’ve got a very high chance of being one of the top 25, in my opinion.


  3. @Danny: Thanks for viewing my page.It will be an honour for me, if im shortlisted in the top 25…thanks again for the confident you put on me…by the way, i’ve viewed your page, you are sure a talented photographer too… hope that i can learn a lot from you.. =)

  4. Wow..i m so impressed..bagus lah minat photography..x sangka ya.. anyway, awat ‘available’ lg nih?? SHY GUY pun bole ramai awek aper..bahaya bahaya

    & byknya sanak saudara di sini ye..hihi..rasa dokek yo..

    Abg Kyrl pun looking for SLR, any suggestion? Now slalu g jln2 but yet to have a good one..sayang kan…

  5. :p..biase2 je K.Oni…baru nak merangkak…hehe…alamak..yg tu jgn la tnye..hahaha…tngk la…tak mampu lagi…dah mpu baru cari…kui3…

    owh..tu la..teknologi mendekatkan kite…hehe….

    em…looking for SLR yek? kalau tnye Atim…mesti la Canon…kui3…range harge brape? ade model baru klua…canon 500D..yg tu die nye spec mmg superb…pastu kalau K.Oni yg pakai mmg just nice..sbb body die kecik…kalau utk Abg Kyrl tak sesuai sngt…tapi bole je pkai kalau nak…mcm Atim pki 40D, tapi dh discontinued, model latest 50D..yg ni body die besar skt..sesuai untk lelaki gagah..haha..:p..bnyk lagi model ade..tapi mcm Abg Kyrl bnyk duit….beli la yg sempoi2 terus..hehe…1D ke, 5D ke..:p..

  6. abg kyrl kate…
    body tu mmg plus point if kecik since slalu g jln, dah alwz penuh ngan brg Harris je..currently dah ada videocam tp for photo x bagus. nanti dia survey yg atim mention tu. budget dlm rm2k-2.5k tp nak ada lense 18mm (kakoni lgsg xphm daa..)
    p/s: abg kyrl byk duit??huh..

    atim keje kat ne skarang?wes digital ke? mmg x jd g us ke or being postpone?

    again, m so impressed wth ur shots + ur blog!!!..warghhh..mine jauh ketinggalan..dah kne upah consultant nih 😦

  7. em…btl la..kalau nak body yg kecik…k.oni cari yg atim ckp tu la..500D tu baru lagi…tadi atim baru je gi kedai tngk..tak de lagi..tapi kat sane tak tau la..kot la dah kua awal skt..tapi ade bnyk lagi..k.oni bole try gak tngk 450D ke, 400D ke..tapi model lame skt la..tak tau la ade lagi ke tak…papepun..nak tahu lebih lanjut tanye la Dr. Google..:p..

    em..bukan wes digital…kat Agilent.. aah..tak jadi gi US….bukan postpone..cancel terus..sebab ekonomi gawat…huhu..takpe la..takde rezeki…

    owh…..thanks for the compliment…atim pun baru je buat..baru 2 bulan je usia blog ni…kui3….

  8. @k.oni: lupe lak..lagi satu..lense 18mm mmg sesuai untk walk around ni…slalu range 18-55mm kalau kit lense..lagi ade gak 17-85mm kit lense…..18-200mm pun ade gak tapi bkn skali ngan kit kot..kene bli asing..kalau tak silap la..ikut k.oni la nak yg mane..sume ade pro contra die….kalau k.oni tak phm..ni atim terangkan skt..

    18mm tu die nye wide….maknenye….lagi rendah nilai..lagi luas la die bole cover….makin tinggi nilai die contoh 200mm..makin jauh la die bole zoom…slalu 18-55mm for walk around..mmg ok..tak pun gi la test kat kedai dulu..sblum beli..try range mane yg suke…then baru decide…..just my 2 cents….:p

  9. Salam..
    Hello there hakim johari..
    I have a situation where i found that your name ‘hakim johari’ been following my blog..
    But there’s no link to your blog as its only has
    It is really you?
    I think ive been to ur blog before…and thought that your blog was awesome…
    Love your work…
    And if it is really you that been following me…thanks for that…if not…im sorry…
    But i’d be definitely following yours…
    Please do keep it up your great work..!

  10. yeah… it is really me.. im not sure why there is no link to my blog… hehe….
    i just found your blog today, and am really amazed with your work…. really nice…
    BTW, congrats on your engagement…=)

  11. For sure you have a lot of experience with photography. Looking forward to learn from you Terry.
    Thanks also for the comments and for the follow. =)

  12. Very beautiful portraiture and wedding work. You also have some of the greatest sunsets in your coordinates of the atlas.

    Thanks for taking a look at Modes of Flight.

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