My Big Family

This is still not a complete family members of my family, but still I want to post it here because if we wait until all the family members are around and only we want to take picture, I am afraid there will be no picture at all.

It is hard sometimes to take pictures with all the family members around. So whenever there is a chance, I’ll always ask whoever are around to gather and take some pictures for memories.

Big Family

A Hectic two weeks….

28th IIUM Convocation
~Congratulations my dear… =)~

These past two weeks was very hectic for me… I’ve been travelling a lot to settle a few things… Penang-KL-Penang-Kedah-Penang-KL-Johor-Kedah-Penang, all in two weeks time…
I’ll try to share the stories here, but not tonight… I’ll post complete picture of the IIUM convocation hopefully by this week… stay tune guys… =)