The result……..

At last after the long waiting, the contest has ended and the results are just as expected. I never expect that I can win this competition .The winner was chosen base on public voting, thus it wasn’t really a photography competition from my point of view. Maybe the only purpose for WOU to propose this competition is more to advertise them self and not to find the best postcard. I myself doubt the jury on the criteria they are looking for in this competition during the elimination process. You can see the top 25 finalist, and compare it with all the postcards that has been eliminated, and then you’ll know what I mean.

Whatever it is, here I would like to express my gratitude for those who has been really supportive and give their vote for me. Your entire vote has made me fit to receive the consolation price (iPod Shuffle). Thanks a lot.


please vote me..if you like my postcard….:p

As my previous entry if you do remember, I am participating in a postcard contest by WOU. From about 400 postcard, one of my postcard was chosen by the jury as the 25 finalist. So from now on, it is open to public voting and i would really appreciate if you guys take a look at this link. If you think that my postcard is good enough and you like it.. a vote would be really appreciated…=). The voting is open from 1/Jun/09 until 7/Jun09.

here is the link of the 25 finalist…
25 finalist

By the way for those who don’t know me…the name is Mohd Fathuddin Hakim B Johari… can also just click on the picture below and it will redirect you to the voting site.


This postcard is for the Wawasan Open University Competition that  I participating in. The price quite interesting but for me, to be shortlisted in the 25 finalist would be an honour. Not to consider to be one of the 13 prize winners. If you want to know more about this competition, just click the link that I provide below.

WOU Competition

Also here is the link of my friend’s blog, Adi that also participating in this competition.

My World, My Classroom

Lets join us, and give it a try, you might be the lucky one that will win the first prize , MACBOOK AIR….. =)

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