My Wedding Pics…… ( 16 December 2012 )

foto credit: Razali aka Ayie.
akim & zura

akim & zura

akim & zura

akim & zura

akim & zura

akim & zura

akim & zura

akim & zura

akim & zura

A few wedding pictures taken & edited by our official photographer Razali aka Ayie.
Thanks to all who help to make “this” happen, I am more than happy to be a husband to my beautiful wife Mazura… If I can ever express it in words I would like to write all my feelings here, but I am not a good writer… So I hope this few pictures can help me shows my feelings, a feelings that I can’t describe by words… =)

In Between Moments….


I believe a good picture must have an emotion, whatever the emotion is. I’ve not much experience but I always have a good and memorable picture from the unplanned and unexpected moments. Something that the peoples you shoot did naturally. It was the ones right after the shot that my subject was expecting. When people pose, they tend to hold something especially their emotions. All people want to be pretty and trying so hard to look good in the picture, but they doesn’t realize that they are most beautiful when they act naturally. There is a big different between fake smile, and a smile that comes out from your heart.

And that is why I believe most of the photographers like to shoot candid, including me… =)

Memory & Moment


“Sometimes you’ll never found the true value of a MOMENT until it becomes a memory”

I found this quotes on Facebook and like it very much. Moment will be forgotten, unless you freeze it or capture it in a picture. It might take you 10 years, or even longer to realize how precious that moment was.

& the memory remains……..





I like to take human as my subject. Because they have soul, and I believe a good picture enlist something of the soul of the subject. It breathes. And to achieve that, the most easiest way is to take a picture of people around you, people that you love… And I’ll keep doing that, to the people that I love… To freeze the time, and the memory remains….

Coming soon:

Couple: Firdaus & Jas

Venue: Pendang

Date: 5 December 2010