Ping Pong @ Table Tennis


It has been so long since the last time that I play Ping Pong. I’ve mentioned in several post earlier that I am suffering from strained knee ligament. I’ve gain some kilos since then. It’s already two months and I am still not totally recover.
It is hard to find someone who love ping pong as much as I do. Well, the main reason that I didn’t play this game was because I failed to find an opponent.  Lucky for me, I’ve already found a sparring partner and I will try to make this as my weekly routine. Lets live a healthy life… =)


Date:13 March, Venue is at Taman Belia Pulau Pinang. A very nice and beautiful place, to rest your mind with. How can I only know this place after almost 10 years of my life in Penang??

There are so many activities can be done there. Not for me to list it all here, but if you wanna know about this place more, please ask Dr Google…:p…  Down here is the picture of  teenagers doing some breakdancing, or shuffling?? i am not sure myself… But i think it was more to breakdancing. Very cool and energetic.  For more information about breakdance, pls go HERE


VENUE: Taman Belia Pulau Pinang. Date: 13 March


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