A boat and the bridge.


This picture was taken early in the morning, I’ve woke up early that day so I bring my camera out to the Penang Bridge hoping to get some nice sunrise. It wasn’t as what I hope for but I kind of like this picture so I just want to share it in my blog. I didn’t bring my tripod hence the noise is very obvious. I’ve reduced it a bit using photoshop though.

Sunrise in Penang….




The background in the first picture is the Penang Bridge. Usually I will use my wide lens 10-22mm to take sunrise picture but this time I try to use my prime lens, canon 135mm f2.
The weather is very windy that day ( you can see it in the last picture ). I take quite a few pictures but only satisfied with this three. Still searching for a new place to take Penang Bridge picture during sunrise using my 135mm. I am going to try for a new spot that I’ve survey earlier, just hoping that the view is amazing tomorrow… =)

Mount Kinabalu – 17 & 18 December 2011


It has always been my dream to go here, and I was really lucky because the weather was very nice during my trip. I came with 14 other members mostly from Penang.

Since there are too mane pictures that I want to share, so I’ll break it into a few post. Here are some of the pictures, hope you guys enjoy it… =)



First Day: Sunset view from the Gunting Lagadan Hut




Second day: Sunrise view from the top of Mount Kinabalu, also known as the Low Peak.



Sunrise from the other side causing this beautiful scenery, shadow of the Low Peak.


Me, my friends Hamdi and Shahril with the foreigners from Australia. Have a little chat with them before I continue making myself busy taking a lot more pictures. =p



This is a mandatory picture for all who make it to the Low Peak. For those who are late to arrive here will have to wait for quite a long queue to take picture here.


My team members, from left Shahril, Nazreen and Hamdi.


Thanks Hamdi for this picture… =)


Our guide, very kind and friendly ( forgot his name, will update this later once I remember his name).


Going back down.


The sky was really blue, and I was really happy that day. Safely arrived at the top, and having a really nice sunset the day before, and also manage to have a really nice sunrise on the second day, making all the pain going up here carrying heavy backpack really worth it. Alhamdulillah.

It’s almost 2 am right now, I have to sleep. I’ll continue to post more pictures on my next post.

Good nite all. =)

sunrise 1- Penang Brigde

This is not my first sunrise shot. The only reason that I put “sunrise 1” for the title because this was my first sunrise shot in 2010. I really missed my photography activity, always busy with other things. Sorry for not posting anything in my blog as much as I was before. I will try to keep this blog alive, as lively as it used to be..