Are You Gonna Finish Strong…..

Today while I was surfing on other people’s blog, I saw one post that shows a video of a man without legs and arms. I was so touched to see how strong he is (spiritually). Owh, by the way I found about this you tube video from this SITE, (Saiful Nang’s Blog).

“There are sometimes in your life, when you fall down, you felt like you dont have the strenght to get back up, do you think that you have hope?”

“I have no arms and no legs, it should be impossible for me to get back up, but its not!!”

“I would try 100 times to get up, and if I failed 100 times, if I failed and I give you think that I’m gonna ever get up?? NO!!..”

“But if I failed and I try again, and again and again, but I just want you to know that it is not the end, it matters on how you gonna finish, and YOU GONNA FINISH STRONG!, AND YOU’LL FIND THE STRENGHT TO GET BACK UP!!!”

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