Free To Fly…..

Hutan Lipur Berkelah:Maran:Pahang:May 2011

I am still far from fit for competitive match, but I am glad I can play football again. Today is my first match after 2 months, just fit enough for one half but that is good enough for a start right?


a very good friend of mine….

blur but lovely.....isn't it?


This is a picture of a very good friend of mine, together with his fiancee. The picture is totally not sharp, but I really loved the mood and the moment( i’m running together with them to take this shot). There are more pictures will be post later, so stay tune… =p…



What I like about my 10 mm is a little twist of the angle can create such a dramatic picture. This is an example how a group photo in a tight room can be great just by changing to a higher angle despite just a normal straight photo.  Another thing that is good taking a group photo like this is, everybody will focus at you hence can prevent somebody pointing their eyes  away from the camera (well, the kid was an exception though… :p)

I will try to share more photos taken with my 10-22mm lens that have a very dramatic effect taken during my camping trip to Berkelah, Maran Pahang….



sunrise 1- Penang Brigde

This is not my first sunrise shot. The only reason that I put “sunrise 1” for the title because this was my first sunrise shot in 2010. I really missed my photography activity, always busy with other things. Sorry for not posting anything in my blog as much as I was before. I will try to keep this blog alive, as lively as it used to be..