A boat and the bridge.


This picture was taken early in the morning, I’ve woke up early that day so I bring my camera out to the Penang Bridge hoping to get some nice sunrise. It wasn’t as what I hope for but I kind of like this picture so I just want to share it in my blog. I didn’t bring my tripod hence the noise is very obvious. I’ve reduced it a bit using photoshop though.

Sunrise in Penang….




The background in the first picture is the Penang Bridge. Usually I will use my wide lens 10-22mm to take sunrise picture but this time I try to use my prime lens, canon 135mm f2.
The weather is very windy that day ( you can see it in the last picture ). I take quite a few pictures but only satisfied with this three. Still searching for a new place to take Penang Bridge picture during sunrise using my 135mm. I am going to try for a new spot that I’ve survey earlier, just hoping that the view is amazing tomorrow… =)