My Big Family

This is still not a complete family members of my family, but still I want to post it here because if we wait until all the family members are around and only we want to take picture, I am afraid there will be no picture at all.

It is hard sometimes to take pictures with all the family members around. So whenever there is a chance, I’ll always ask whoever are around to gather and take some pictures for memories.

Big Family


Aniq Nurilman

Aniq just caught a fever last week, but I was in Penang and can’t give him a visit. Can’t wait to see him tomorrow.
Get well soon Aniq…

Happy Birthday Mama…

birthday mamaa

Ya Allah,
Engkaulah yang melihatnya (mengetahui keadaan ibuku),
Jika Engkau melihatnya dalam keadaan berdosa, maka ampunkanlah dosanya,
Jika Kau melihatnya dalam keadaan bersedih, maka gembirakanlah hatinya,
Jika Kau melihatnya dalam keadaan gembira, maka sempurnakanlah kegembiraannya,
Jika dia sakit, maka sembuhkanlah sakitnya,
Jika dia gelisah, maka jauhkanlah kegelisahannya,
Jika dia letih, maka sampaikan berita gembira kepadanya tentang ganjaran yang sangat besar….

Source of Dua:



What I like about my 10 mm is a little twist of the angle can create such a dramatic picture. This is an example how a group photo in a tight room can be great just by changing to a higher angle despite just a normal straight photo.  Another thing that is good taking a group photo like this is, everybody will focus at you hence can prevent somebody pointing their eyes  away from the camera (well, the kid was an exception though… :p)

I will try to share more photos taken with my 10-22mm lens that have a very dramatic effect taken during my camping trip to Berkelah, Maran Pahang….