KLIA + Blue Hour


-KLIA during the Blue Hour-

I’m still busy right now, but still have the intention to update my blog. So I can only manage to post one picture this time.

This picture was taken on 16th December 2011. We arrived at about 6.30am after 5 hours drive from Penang. I quickly take my camera to capture this moment, and it turns out that I like this picture very much. Maybe this was a sign of a very good journey that we will go through on the next day, the Kinabalu Quest. =)

I will update more picture about our Kinabalu quest, very soon…. =)

Mek Arab……..

Ni die 2 ketul Mek Arab baru balik… Sepatutnye flight sampai dlm pkl  10.15pm tapi terlambat sampai atas sebab2 yg terpaksa dirahsiakan..sampai dalam pukul 12 lebih kalau tak silap..huhu…dapat la diorang raye kat Malaysia gak..kalau tak mesti Egpyt akan mengalami banjir yg dahsyat pada 1 Syawal nti…kui3