Aniq Nurilman

Aniq just caught a fever last week, but I was in Penang and can’t give him a visit. Can’t wait to see him tomorrow.
Get well soon Aniq…


Mama & Adam

Memorable moment + emotions = timeless picture.

Happy Birthday Mama…

birthday mamaa

Ya Allah,
Engkaulah yang melihatnya (mengetahui keadaan ibuku),
Jika Engkau melihatnya dalam keadaan berdosa, maka ampunkanlah dosanya,
Jika Kau melihatnya dalam keadaan bersedih, maka gembirakanlah hatinya,
Jika Kau melihatnya dalam keadaan gembira, maka sempurnakanlah kegembiraannya,
Jika dia sakit, maka sembuhkanlah sakitnya,
Jika dia gelisah, maka jauhkanlah kegelisahannya,
Jika dia letih, maka sampaikan berita gembira kepadanya tentang ganjaran yang sangat besar….

Source of Dua: http://mawarrodiah.blogspot.com/2012/03/doa-untuk-ibu.html

& the memory remains……..





I like to take human as my subject. Because they have soul, and I believe a good picture enlist something of the soul of the subject. It breathes. And to achieve that, the most easiest way is to take a picture of people around you, people that you love… And I’ll keep doing that, to the people that I love… To freeze the time, and the memory remains….

Coming soon:

Couple: Firdaus & Jas

Venue: Pendang

Date: 5 December 2010

Light of Love…………..

Nothing to do….lazy to go out.. so I just do some simple setup to play around with simple lighting… Doing some experiment with white balance and metering. Hm…Ive understand the characteristic a bit, but still far away from perfection…huhu..need a lot and lot more practice…..Hm…just enjoy the picture below….




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